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A fun, unique, and enthusiastic writer, storyteller and poet who inspires children up and down the country to want to write. A lover of books, lego and cricket and a proud Yorkshireman.

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  • Before ever stepping over the thresholds of NOPA or Caldicotes, you had already begun to knit together our Y6 teams to be able to effectively challenge and inspire our somewhat apathetic and disengaged pupils - certainly at Caldicotes - in a project that has proved to be inclusive, inspiring and challenging. I have witnessed at first hand how you have enthused, praised and inspired our pupils to actually want to write and enjoy it; something that I had hoped to say but was not certain that I ever would. To see Josh, confidently reading and being proud of what he had created, was mind-blowing! Your legacy for the Y6s is a belief that they can and is a mantra and belief that we will build upon.

    Helen Steele – Principal – Caldicotes Primary Academy, Middlesborough

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  • Conrad has really helped to inspire the children in our school to write. One teacher wished Conrad taught her children Literacy every day as he managed to get the children to write things that she was astounded by

    Alice Smith – Headteacher – Rosebank Primary School, Leeds

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  • Conrad has been a big part of aiding and improving our approach to boys’ literacy skills. Conrad gets the job done and done brilliantly

    Steve Varnam, Headteacher Halfway Nursery and Infant School

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  • I need to thank you Conrad for showing me a side of Josh I've not seen before. It made us immensely proud to see him at the front of two groups of children, sharing his learning and clearly being proud of it. He's just one win of many but will definitely be one that stays in my memory for a long while. It all reminds me of that quote: 'My teacher thought I was better than I was, so I was.'

    Ben Jones, Y6 teacher – Caldicotes Primary Academy, Middlesborough

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  • Teachers tend to shy away from poetry because we believe it is difficult to teach. There are no right or wrong answers in poetry, just imagination. This is where Conrad comes in. In just 30 minutes, he hooked the children, created a fantastic poem about their interests and then got them performing. The children were engaged but most of all, I was too. Just watching him enthuse and excite has got me wondering why I rarely attempted poetry before. I can't wait to give it a go!

    Scott McHale - Year 3/4 teacher.

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  • He let us create a poem called Snotty Nose! It was great. He made us laugh and we could use our imaginations till our brains exploded!

    Isabelle Cross, Year 4

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  • Thoroughly enjoyable and something totally different to the usual Christmas concert.

    Barry Patterson, Chair of Governors at Vale Primary (Knottingley)

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  • I'm sure your week with us will be one of our high spots of the year and will continue to influence the children's writing throughout the rest of Y6. The quality and quantity of work produced is superb.

    Christine Kemp-Hall – Principal – North Ormesby Primary Academy, Middlesborough

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  • We (both the children and I) have had such a great time working with you. They have been so engaged and it has been lovely to see some of the more reluctant speakers eager to share their work.

    Stacey Todd, Y6 teacher, North Ormesby Primary Academy – Middlesborough

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  • It was an absolute pleasure – children spoke about you all day yesterday and staff were impressed with the way you tailored your sessions right from Nursery to Year 6 – that doesn’t happen often with visitors!

    Samantha Marriott, Scholes Village Primary School

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What makes me different?

    • Fun and engaging
    • Over 10 years’ experience
    • DBS certified
    • Nursery – Year 6
    • Poet, Storyteller and Writer
    • Teacher trainer
    • Visited over 200 schools

Case Studies


I'm onto the second book in the trilogy of Judith Kerr's childhood. My post on the first one led to a lengthy discussion as to whether The Tiger Who Came To Tea was an allegory for Hitler.

I said not.

However, I've just read this passage. Hitler has reached Calais and the threat of an invasion to England is very real.

Meanwhile, Anna (Judith) is living in a Hotel for refugees, along with her mother and father. They have very (very) little money and will shortly have none at all.

It is within this context that we discover it is Anna's 16th Birthday. Her mother decides they will go to the cinema AND the cafe for a Knickerbocker glory. It takes up the rest of their money. They don't have any food, barely anything to drink.

Sound familiar?

When the Tiger leaves the house, Sophie and her parents have no food; no water. And the dad's response? Let's go to the cafe.

And what do they eat, amongst other things?

Ice cream!!!

Have I stumbled upon the real life inspiration for that most famous of scenes ?

Cool if I have!
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I've just finished reading 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' by the fabulous Judith Kerr. Most of you will know her by her picture books 'The Tiger That Came to Tea' and all the Mog books. And that's how I knew her. But somehow or other I came across this book.

I knew absolutely nothing about Judith Kerr's life, but what a fantastic book this is. It is autobiographical, though written in the third person, and traces Judith's life from young, German, carefree girl to scared yet excited refugee, fleeing from Hitler.

Oh, the gentleness and loveliness of her writing has finished me! And when I read the author's note at the end I was ready to blub like crazy. It seems quite incomprehensible to me that, had they waited just one more day, the likelihood is that she and her family would never have made it, and Mog, The TIger, and all her other wonderful creations would simply not exist.

I'm not sure quite why this book has touched me so much, but it has. It was, without doubt, one of those 'clutch to my chest when I've finished' type books.

Thank you Mrs Kerr, for a book that has made me feel. And it is not every book that manages to do that.
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I see in the paper that the chairman of WCAT (Wakefield City Academies Trust) has been speaking about the new chief exec and the academy chain in general:

"While progress has been made in many of our academies, the WCAT board recognises there needs to be a renewed focus on teaching and learning..."

As opposed to?!?
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