High Bank Hi Jinks!

  • Author: Conrad Burdekin
  • Date: September 27, 2017

I was back at one of my favourite schools today – High Bank in Liversedge. It was them, remember, for whom we collected all those books earlier in the year. I just LOVE this school. I was reminded once again of just how great the staff and children are. Honestly, as the children filed into assembly my heart was happy! They are so well behaved, and so loved by the teachers – it’s fantastic. Before the day even started I was escorted by the lovely Mrs Bottomley to a new display board in school – a display board of me! How cool is that?! There was a space for me to write in a message to school… my thought provoking message on freedom was…

Freedom is… eating a packet of Beef Monster Munch whenever I want!

Pretty deep, eh?!

Today’s more serious job was to write poems based on the theme of Freedom. Now, those of you who know my poetry will know that ‘serious’ poems are not my usual remit. Yet today we did manage to get a couple of serious ones. I must admit that it made me feel slightly strange – I needed my fish fingers and chips at lunch to get back on an even keel.


The poems were great – the children imagined all sorts: what a dog might dream of (true freedom for a dog is, surely, scaling a mountain full of bones), what having unlimited freedom might mean (eating chocolate cake and being sick), what the poppies of the World War I battlefields might remember (soldiers fighting for freedom) and many other things besides. The children then learned the poems and performed them in assembly. The standout performance had to be Year 4 as they revealed their socks (held in their hands) and dropped them on the floor in disgust. It did have something to do with freedom, I promise, I just can’t remember exactly what…


I am so happy to be the Patron of Reading for High Bank, and so delighted that the children respond so well to my visits. I was also told that their reading mascot, the crocheted Ishmail from earlier in the year, is VERY popular. He’s certainly looking happy in his new home in the High Bank library. He appears to be into his Art books just at the moment…





Cheerio then, High Bank, for another little while. I’m sure I’ll be back soon – to check up the other ‘me’, if nothing else!


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Really need to get rid of our fridge freezer now. Will take £150. Bought for over £500 just over a year ago. Perfect working order - excellent extra for a garage or perfect for the kitchen. Let me know ASAP ... See MoreSee Less

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On holiday in Northumberland. I’ve found a rather nice writing spot. I also heard a fun tale involving a friend’s little daughter - inspiration hit. Enjoy!

Maisy’s Jumper

Little baby Ivy
Splashing in the bath
Cousin Maisy’s helping
Making Ivy laugh

First she puts some bubbles
High on Ivy’s head
Then a game of peekaboo
Before it’s time for bed

But just as bath time’s ending
Baby Ivy stops
She grunts and groans and pushes hard...
Plop! Plop! Plop!

“Mum!” yells Maisy, “gross! Oh yuck!
Look what Ivy’s done!”
The evidence is floating round -
It’s not a number one!

Ivy shoots a hand out
And grabs a pile of poo
This cute and gorgeous baby knows
Exactly what to do

She throws her missile through the air
Straight at cousin Maisy
It lands on Maisy’s brand new jumper -
Poor girl just goes crazy

“Help!” screams Maisy. “Get it off!
I think I’m going to vom.”
Maisy’s mum comes running in
To see what’s going on

She starts to laugh - she cannot stop -
Tears run down her cheeks
It is by far the funniest thing
That she has seen for weeks

And as for baby Ivy?
She giggles: “Ooh ooh, eee!”
Sits down with satisfaction...
...And fills the bath with wee!
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One of my best friends set up a school in Zimbabwe last year. I got this message just now - can anyone help?


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The ups and downs of a Panini collector... ... See MoreSee Less

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We have 3 lovely guinea pigs - Tomato, Sponge and Foxy Mae. But our girls are allergic to them and, since we’ve got Pebbles (our dog) they don’t get much of a look in.

We’ve taken the tough decision to re-home them once we get back off our holidays. But we want them to go somewhere they’ll be loved and looked after.

We have an outdoor cage, cage cover, water bottle along with the guinea pigs themselves. They are lovely pets - never bitey- but just not right for us Burdekins anymore 😞.

If you’re interested, please let us know. We don’t want any money for them - just lots of love.


Con and Clare

*They live in the garden at ours but can also be housed indoors*
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High Bank Hi Jinks!

I was back at one of my favourite schools today - High Bank in Liversedge. It was them, remember, for whom we collected all those books earlier in the year. I just LOVE this school. I was reminded once again...