High Bank Hi Jinks!

  • Author: Conrad Burdekin
  • Date: September 27, 2017

I was back at one of my favourite schools today – High Bank in Liversedge. It was them, remember, for whom we collected all those books earlier in the year. I just LOVE this school. I was reminded once again of just how great the staff and children are. Honestly, as the children filed into assembly my heart was happy! They are so well behaved, and so loved by the teachers – it’s fantastic. Before the day even started I was escorted by the lovely Mrs Bottomley to a new display board in school – a display board of me! How cool is that?! There was a space for me to write in a message to school… my thought provoking message on freedom was…

Freedom is… eating a packet of Beef Monster Munch whenever I want!

Pretty deep, eh?!

Today’s more serious job was to write poems based on the theme of Freedom. Now, those of you who know my poetry will know that ‘serious’ poems are not my usual remit. Yet today we did manage to get a couple of serious ones. I must admit that it made me feel slightly strange – I needed my fish fingers and chips at lunch to get back on an even keel.


The poems were great – the children imagined all sorts: what a dog might dream of (true freedom for a dog is, surely, scaling a mountain full of bones), what having unlimited freedom might mean (eating chocolate cake and being sick), what the poppies of the World War I battlefields might remember (soldiers fighting for freedom) and many other things besides. The children then learned the poems and performed them in assembly. The standout performance had to be Year 4 as they revealed their socks (held in their hands) and dropped them on the floor in disgust. It did have something to do with freedom, I promise, I just can’t remember exactly what…


I am so happy to be the Patron of Reading for High Bank, and so delighted that the children respond so well to my visits. I was also told that their reading mascot, the crocheted Ishmail from earlier in the year, is VERY popular. He’s certainly looking happy in his new home in the High Bank library. He appears to be into his Art books just at the moment…





Cheerio then, High Bank, for another little while. I’m sure I’ll be back soon – to check up the other ‘me’, if nothing else!


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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone 😀

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My first ever i-movie!

One of my poems called ‘I Like Reading’

My girls helped a lot with the technical aspects.

I fell out a wheelie bin.
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Last Thursday I met a lad called Barry - an unusual name for a primary school pupil these days.

He was great, and all the staff spoke really highly of him. I wrote this poem with Barry in mind. I then discovered that in a couple of weeks it’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day, so it seems appropriate to post this now.

Enjoy!! The poem is called (rather imaginatively, I thought) ... Barry!
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Look at this! How wonderful. As you might have seen, I've been collecting #booksforJacob - a young man in one of my Patron of Reading schools who loves reading more than anything else. Only, he's read every book in school. So I asked if anyone could help out. And it's begun! An author friend is sending him a signed copy of her latest book, several others on Twitter / Facebook have been sending them to his school addressed to him, and then yesterday MANDY BROOMHEAD, bless her cotton socks, hand delivered a parcel. Jacob's mum found me on Twitter today to thank me. It's so lovely when you get to see the impact you have, and this, Mandy, is the impact you've had.

Anyone else who would like to donate, please let me know. And, if you're worried that Jacob will have read everything already, a small cash donation could be a good alternative - I had this idea that we could send him off to a bookshop to find new books that he'd never read!

Thanks again.

It's good to have a story that makes you smile once in a while.

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High Bank Hi Jinks!

I was back at one of my favourite schools today - High Bank in Liversedge. It was them, remember, for whom we collected all those books earlier in the year. I just LOVE this school. I was reminded once again...