Supersonic Gran

Supersonic Gran


If you liked his other books, you’re sure to love this one. And if you’ve never read any before, now’s a great time to start! So stop reading the back cover and take a look inside – we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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Bottom booming Grandmas, exploding teachers, sleepovers with elephants, and dad’s stinky feet are just some of the topics in Supersonic Gran, Conrad’s fourth book of humorous poems for children. Not to mention Super Pig, the pig with superhero powers.

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    ‘It’s funny, it’s exciting. If you can’t laugh with all these poems go to the doctors’ – Filip aged 11

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    ‘I like Supersonic Gran because she has got a bum that can get her into space’ – Ethan aged 10

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    ‘We didn’t do it. We were framed. Nobody can prove it!’ – Robbers on a Motorbike

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    ‘I’m glad I got the school shut down. Those teachers were driving me crazy’ – Keith, the school spider

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What makes me different?

    • Fun and engaging
    • Over 10 years’ experience
    • DBS certified
    • Nursery – Year 6
    • Poet, Storyteller and Writer
    • Teacher trainer
    • Visited over 200 schools


Today I will be joining 1000 children and adults from 23 local schools to remember and celebrate the life of Jo Cox. I'm honoured to be a part of this wonderful day. It's going to be colourful, exciting and, I imagine, quite emotional. #moreincommon ... See MoreSee Less

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Today I learned that the London Eye is 135 metres tall. But far better than that - I learned how to make a pencil crayon tower! Class 3's is far superior, but I'm hampered by my rounded pencil crayons. Is it acceptable to go and buy hundreds of flat edged pencil crayons for the sole purpose of building a taller tower?

We also wrote a poem about it.
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Went here today. Was astounded at the obvious error. Turns out it really is called Hatfeild Hall.

What the chuff?!? It's making me twitch...
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A teacher friend of mine gave a copy of one of my poetry books (The Baked Bean Queen) to her niece a while ago. She received this thank you note recently. How lovely! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello there!

Hi there everyone - Happy 2017! I'm FINALLY getting web-savvy and posting my first blog post on my BRAND NEW website. I hope that you like the new site - I'm delighted with it. I'd love to hear any comments...